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~~SOLD--Ancient Alder with Woodworm Holes & Spalted Contours

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In July of 2016 I found a worn chunk of an alder log in a cove on the rugged outer coast of the North Pacific, south of Sitka a dozen miles.

This alder is the slowest growing alder I have ever seen in my 20-some years of working with alder. I surmise that the tree grew hanging over a steep bank of cliff under the canopy of large spruce and hemlock near a river.

Who knows what knocked the tree over, but it sat for long enough for some woodworms to work their way through the wood. Then raising water from a river or extra high tide carried the tree out onto the outer ocean where it was broken against rocks into just a piece of a log.

I love the color from the spalting, and the knot that grew over between time of growth between the inside of the bowl and the outside of the bowl. Most of the worm holes go right through the bowl and show light.

This would make a great fruit bowl or coffee table piece. For obvious reasons, I don't recommend this as a salad bowl unless you want your grated carrot pieces to get stuck in the woodworm holes!

This is really a very unusual bowl from an exceptional tree that had quite a journey. It's a joy to give the tree a second life as a bowl, and it will be a fitting end to this tree's journey to end up in your home.


Bowl Measures: 8 5/8" Diameter X 3 1/8" High