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100% Organic Artisan Sourdough

All of my Artisan breads are made by hand from 100% organic ingredients and use sourdough for leavening.  The recipe is simple and delicious: Freshly ground hard red wheat berries, unbleached white pastry flour, filtered water, sea salt, wood heat, and time.

Sitka Sourdough is a tiny business owned and operated by me, Jenn Lawlor.  I'm a local baker whose taste for great bread inspired me to build a wood-fired oven for baking my family's bread and pizza.  With the help of my three sons, I sourced the materials for the oven locally - sand and grass from local beaches, recycled clay from local potters - and in 2014 built what I believe is Sitka's first wood-fired "Earth Oven." 

**Please Note: Price is for one large loaf.   Zach LaPerriere is my husband and I am piggy-backing on his website so I can take orders online.

Orders will be available for pick-up at the Sitka Food Co-op's produce delivery pick-up at Centennial Hall on Tuesday, August 8, 5:30pm. 

Here's what some of my happy customer's have to say...

" This bread is AMAZING. I'm addicted." -Camilla P.

" Wow! So good 😋 crusty and fluffy." - Myrna R.

" Great bread!! Thank you 😊" - Blake H.

"This is the best bread!!! ...may we please have 2 loaves...thank you so much!!!" - Christine K.

"Excellent!! Love the bread." - Debby S.

"Great bread!" - Wendy B.

"Your bread is great but their was a problem. We ran out to soon. Can we get another loaf?  Thanks!" - Ron G.

"Jenn and family, thank you so much for the amazing bread. It's disappearing fast, I'm glad we got 2 loaves instead of 1. ." - Karen J.