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~~SOLD--Ancient alder salad bowl

Now this is what I call a Salad Bowl!  Or a fruit bowl, or...

It's a gorgeous piece of an alder that was at least 120 years old...which is way older than any recorded red alder.  The tree grew slowly up a valley near Sitka in the Tongass National Forest overlooking a small creek bed that is dry except during heavy rains.  A substantial bear and deer trail passes near, and you can only begin to imagine how many generations of animals walked past this magnificent alder before it died of old age.

The medullary rays run perpendicular to the growth rings and reflect light beautifully.  Because this came from the stump section there is a very unique diamond pattern in the inside of the bowl that you can just barely start to see in the photo.  A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a picture is still pale compared to holding the bowl in your own hands.

You'll see one side is a light color.  That's spalting, and it was the exposed side of the dead alder on a tree that leaned heavily.  Consequently, the white side was in the early stages of fungal activity that would have eventually turned this tree into dirt...for the next tree!

While I gave this piece of wood a second life as a salad or fruit bowl, roughly 90% of the tree was too far gone to make the cut for bowls.  No worries though...I left that in the forest to continue the cycle.

You'll notice a unique rim.  Why did I put a hard chine on an otherwise smooth radiused bowl?  Because it looked right and felt right!  I tried it on for size before finishing the interior, and the wood just couldn't let me talk myself into any other shape for the rim.  The wood won, and while this bowl is different, I really like it.

This bowl will hold A LOT.  It has a little more volume than our daily salad bowl for our family of five, and my boys eat a lot of salad.  It's not a bowl for company of 10, but for most people, having friends over will not overload this bowl

Weight is substantial, but not as much as you would think if the bowl was walnut.  With proper care, this bowl should last many generations.

Bowl measures: 13" X 4", weighs a full 2 lb 4 oz.