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~~SOLD Red Alder River Bowl

Here's another bowl from a red alder that washed down a local river—I think it was Sitka's Indian River—during a big storm in the Fall of 2015.

I saw a floating log with root wads and mass of tangled berried blowing past my house and went out in the skiff (small boat) and towed it home in the middle of a rain squalls and wind gusts that where 30 to 40 miles and hour.  It took a couple hours to tow home there was so much resistance in the water.

Once I bucked up the tree with the chainsaw I did a spalting experiment, leaving the rounds above the high tide line on the beach.  I turned this piece first, and so it shows early spalting and wonderful red color streaking from the oxidizing of the wood.

I think often about the life of the trees that I salvage and turn into bowls.  This one grew next to the river for around 80 years, salmon swimming past each season to spawn and fertilize the river.  Bears, deer, squirrels, people...how many creatures walked past this tree or laid under it for a snooze?

For me, this bowl tells that story.  We have to do a little guessing, but it's fun to think about it.


Bowl measures: 9" X 3"