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~~SOLD--Truly Old Growth Alder Bowl

Red Alder
Handmade, one-of-a-kind
excellent display piece, fruit bowl, or other
finished w/ food-grade tung oil
made by Zach LaPerriere
Sitka, Alaska 2018
bowl measures 9 1/2" X 2 1/2"

Ancient old growth trees show so much.  Of course the wood from these trees can't talk—but you can still see much of the story, and I've done my best to show you that story.

Both the interior and exterior base of this bowl are breathtaking.  You'll see where an old branch broke off and mostly grew over, causing exceptional grain that swirls almost like a Van Gogh painting.

The ambrosia beetle holes came late in the tree's life, following the moisture that entered from the branch knot hole.  There is light spalting causing lighter coloration on one side with some darkening close.

I reflect on the century and a quarter that this tree grew in a wild river valley.  At an average of 100 inches of rain a year, one thousand feet of rain fell on this tree!  Generations of brown bears and Sitka blacktail deer walked past the dry creek bed this tree watched over.

It's a time scale I can only begin to comprehend, and the wild beauty in this bowl is there to remind us what a wonderful world we live in.

This would make a superb mantel piece, display bowl, conversation piece, a nut bowl, or even a fine mid-sized fruit bowl.



Story: In February of 2017 I cut two massive standing-dead alder about a mile up a wild river valley about five miles from my home and shop.  The official oldest alder in the world is recorded in Washington at 100 years old.  The two alder I cut were at least 120 and 130 years old.  Alaska is full of secrets!

After cutting and prepping the bowl stock, my family and I took three days to sled out material in 2-3 feet of snow.  We followed frozen creeks and bear trails in a magical winter wonderland.  It was our best snow in seven years, and I'm still grateful everything worked out just right, from getting my USFS permit to the weather so graciously cooperating with our effort.

You can watch a video of our alder salvage effort here:
From Tree to Bowl: Alaska Style