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~~SOLD--Big Round Red Alder Bowl

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Red Alder
Handmade, one-of-a-kind
excellent for a fruit, popcorn, or salad bowl
finished w/ food-grade walnut oil
made by Zach LaPerriere
Sitka, Alaska 2017
bowl measures 14" X 5 1/2"

A year and a half ago I got a call that a huge alder had been felled in downtown Sitka.  I've never seen an alder quite like this one: well over two feet at the base that only went up a short distance before branching into many trunks.

This bowl came from near the stump, and features what arborists call an epicormic shoot: a proliferation of buds that grow from under the bark.

I dried this as a rough bowl for a year very slowly to minimize cracking in the wild grain and tiny knots.

The shape of the bowl curves a little past vertical, which is ideal for using a large spoon to scoop your salad out.  Bowls were traditionally made this shape to allow for easy scooping of food with the hands.  If you put this to use as a popcorn bowl or other use where you scoop with your hands, you'll understand why this shape has been popular for well over a thousand years.

There is a small crack and bark intrusion in the base of the bowl, so I can't recommend this bowl for salads with wet dressing or finely grated carrots.    That said—this bowl will perform admirably for a number of uses and should last well into future centuries when cared for properly.