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~~SOLD--Mountain Ash Textured Bowl

Most of the time I play it safe and don't experiment very much. For this bowl, I experimented a little as part of a series of textured bowls. If you look closely you'll see the upper third of the outside of the bowl has a chattering texture from deliberately pushing a little too hard while I took my pass with the gouge.

This bowl was also a bit of an experiment in shape and what I included. You'll see a small stable crack in the rim. This is the heart (center) of the tree. The crack opened as I was finishing this bowl, but will go no further. Mountain ash is a very strong wood, and in the drying process it can really handle a lot, where many other woods fail. I pushed this one a bit too far! But I think it's still a successful bowl, especially for not playing it safe!

In keeping with textures, the inside of this bowl has concentric sanding circles from a very course grit, followed by a buffing with very fine sandpaper. The surface is smooth to the touch, but still textured.

Honestly, I wouldn't normally try these wild experiments, but artisan markets have been very encouraging and these bowls often sell fast.

If for some reason you aren't happy with this bowl, so long as you return it to me on your dime, I'm more than happy to take it back.

Bowl measures: 6 1/2 Diameter x 3 1/8" High