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~~SOLD--Micro Ancient Hemlock Branch Bowl

Western Hemlock
Handmade, one-of-a-kind
excellent for a display or jewelry bowl
finished w/ food-grade tung oil
made by Zach LaPerriere
Sitka, Alaska 2018
bowl measures 5" X 1 1/2"

The growth rings in this bowl are so tight you won't be able to count them with your bare eye.  You'll need at least a magnifying glass or hand lens.  I use a 30X microscope for these...

This bowl comes from the branch of an ancient old growth hemlock that grew on the beach near our home.  When you stop and consider that this tree was a seedling before Leonardo da Vinci was born...it's mind blowing.  For me, it comes with extra responsibility.

I put extra attention into these tiny bowls because to me they have all the character of a bigger bowl packed into a tiny package.  I sand these to ultra-fine grits, because I know they'll hold special items like rings.

I left a tiny knot in the rim on one side of this bowl.  Coloration in hemlock is fascinating...scroll down to the fourth picture and look at how the color goes right through growth rings.

This will make an excellent bowl for small jewelry or special items, such as rounded beach glass.




Story:The tree this bowl came from blew over near my house and fell into the ocean.  I spotted it as it drifted past my house.  I salvaged the tree by towing it home, branches and all!

This was an exceptionally slow growing tree because the middle of the tree had rotted out.  Only a few inches of sound wood could be found on the outside of the tree, even at the base where it was over three feet (one meter) across.