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~~SOLD--Dilemma Bowl

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Western Hemlock

Handmade, one-of-a-kind
excellent display piece or functional bowl
finished w/ food-grade Tung & citrus oil

made by Zach LaPerriere
Sitka, Alaska 2018
bowl measures 10 1/2" X 3 3/4"

I believe in transparency.  Every bowl is both an experiment and a test.

I never know entirely what I'll get until it's done.  Heck—fairly often I'll oil a bowl and then something unseen pops up.  And then there are grain patterns and intriguing little features my customers sometimes point out that I probably would have never seen on my own.

All that said: this was an intriguing piece of wood.  I saved it from the firewood pile from a tree that overlooked a small cove until a wild Northeasterly wind blew it and several companions onto the beach a couple winters ago.

The colors in this bowl, the live edges, the grain patterns, even the drying cracks are worth contemplating.

The tree grew fast by old growth standards.  This chunk of wood came from about chest height.  You can see the furrow in the tree where it grew to resist the strong winds that blow throw the cove thru the Fall and Winter.

I wanted to show this, and have the bowl sit on either side of that furrow.  That worked successfully.  I like the outside shape, but the interior on one side feathered out to a sharp edge.  That's the where the dilemma started.

So I just cut just that portion out while the bowl was still on the lathe.  Part of me isn't happy with the result, but the other part think it's interesting.

I showed this bowl to a few people whose opinion I really trust.  Two of them said the same thing: "It's amazing and someone will love it."

Through the course of selling a number of bowls over the years, I've found that to be absolutely true.  One time I took a number of bowls into a gallery, including one that my wife jokingly said was shaped like a UFO.  Before the gallery employee could even get a price tag on the bowl, a retired doctor from North Carolina walked in and bought the bowl and two others.

Now that I've been so honest with you, I'll say that I think it's quite the interesting bowl too, but I'm still uncertain.  So I won't consider how much time I put into the bowl and I'll offer at a low price.  As with all my bowls, if you receive the bowl and aren't thrilled, send me a message, and you can return the bowl with no questions asked for a full refund minus your shipping.

Now—to say the obvious.  This bowl will serve well for display or holding items if you don't try to pick up the bowl with things in it!