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~~SOLD--Crazy Figured Mountain Ash

Chatoyance is the term for light reflected back differently in wood, often giving a three dimensional feel to the wood.  I really appreciate the crescent-shaped chatoyant lines you see in the main image here.

There are plenty of other features in this crazy grain.  Some you can see in the pictures, and others that will only be seen in person.  There's also a sound knot that goes through the rim on one end of the bowl.  Mountain ash is an incredibly strong and resilient wood, perhaps because it's in the rose family (and unrelated to normal ash trees.)

The bowl came from the lower section of mountain ash that was planted in the 1950s in the front yard of a historic downtown Sitka home.  After it died, an arborist cut the tree down and the owner of the home gave me the tree, informing me that her grandfather had planted the tree.

I turned this bowl to be substantial.  It weighs in at 1 lb 12 1/2 oz.

I would like to point out that there are two thin cracks on the surface of the rim.  These cracks don't go in for any distance and don't affect the strength of the bowl, but they're there, and I don't want to surprise anyone.

This would make a great salad or fruit bowl.  It's what I'd call a two person salad bowl, or several apples, bananas, etc.  Similar bowls are used for chips, yarn, tea bags...you get the idea!  It's beautiful and I'm sure its new owner will put it to good use.


Bowl measures: 10" X 3"