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~~SOLD--Twin Branch Mountain Ash

Mountain Ash
Handmade, one-of-a-kind
excellent for a fruit or salad bowl
finished w/ food-grade walnut oil
made by Zach LaPerriere
Sitka, Alaska 2017
bowl measures 8 1/4” X 3"

Shaping a bowl for me is a balance of two main interests:
1.  Uncovering the story of that individual piece of wood within the tree.
2.  Making a functional and beautiful bowl that is both pleasing to the eye and feels good in the hands.

The story of his mountain ash is shown by the twin branches that started at the center of the tree—which relative to bowl grew about an inch below the center of the bowl.  This piece of wood grew where one of the main branches forked into two secondary branches.  The void in the bowl removed much of these two branches, and you can see where the branches took somewhat different angles of growth and exited the bowl—one on the inside of the rim and one branch on the outside of the rim.

The wood between these two branches shows beautiful crotch figure: the curly, strong grain that held these two branches from splitting.  Now here's where the tale takes an interesting turn.  If I had found this tree before the arborists bucked the tree into rounds for firewood, I would have cut the tree differently to highlight this crotch figure—but in doing so, I would have missed the story of two twin branches diverging.  Either way, it's a good story for me.

I often favor a sharp flat rim, as you see in this bowl so you can see the curly grain and chatoyant light refracting right there in the rim.  The rim has a slight lip on the exterior to both balance the bowl proportionally and give your hands something to more easily hold.

This is a three apple fruit bowl, or a salad for two bowl.  It would also be a fine yarn bowl or just a study of a wonderful old tree that grew near Crescent Harbor in Sitka.