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~~SOLD-- To-Be-Held Mountain Ash Bowl

Bowl measures 11" X 5"

A bowl must feel good in the hands. It must be easy to hold and feel "right." Here's a mountain ash bowl with a lipped rim and a small inset foot...just perfect for holding. These details usually go unnoticed, but never unfelt!

This is another bowl from the tree that was given to me by the granddaughter of the man who planted the tree in the 1950s.  It grew in front of a historic home in downtown Sitka near St. Peter's Church.

You'll see the whiter outer wood in this bowl that is both visible on the interior and exterior of the bowl.  When I was finish turning this bowl I uncovered a healed over scar, and had to remove it, leaving barely enough wood for a good, solid bowl.  But it worked, and I'm happy with the results.

This bowl is deeper than most for it's diameter, and will hold a hearty salad for a family.  It would also make an idea Caesar salad bowl where the garlic and dressing can be mixed directly in the bowl.