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~~SOLD--Mountain Ash Quilted Grain and Grown-over Nail Hole

Bowl measures 10 1/2" x 1 3/4"

The tree this bowl came from died of old age and was given to me by the granddaughter of the man who planted the tree sometime in the 1950s.

When I cut the blank for this bowl with my chainsaw I cut right through an old 12 penny steel nail. When I roughed-out the bowl, I turned close to the nail then turned the lathe off and cut close to the nail using a beater chisel. I then pulled the nail out with vice-grips.

For the final turning, I left a little of the iron staining in the rim and the nail hole, which only goes about halfway through the bowl. When you hold the bowl in your hands you can see where the nail head grew over.

What's also very unique about this bowl is the quilted grain patterns that I've never seen in an other mountain ash.

Mountain ash is an amazing wood, called Rowan tree in Europe. The Celts and others in North Europe say it has magical powers and some mountain ash should be in every home. Note that mountain ash is in the Rose family, and not related to ash at all.

I hope you enjoy this unusual bowl.