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~~SOLD--Rimmed Mountain Ash Vee Bowl with Spalting

Sometimes a given piece of wood just seems to want to be a certain shape, and that's what happened with this bowl. I'm calling this a Vee bowl for the shape as seen in profile.

There is very light spalting in this bowl caused by the very first stages of fungi entering the wood. You'll see that in the endgrain when you look at the circular growth rings.

I was also playing with shaping the bowl with half light wood and half dark wood in the rim. I do this partly for my own amusement, but the real emphasis is that you get to look at this transition right at the very top of the bowl, whether the bowl is empty or full.

That's why I love amazing wood...there's never a shortage of things to look at or consider.

Bowl measures 7 1/2" x 2 3/4"