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FAQs and Policies

Below are some common questions.  As always, don't be afraid to ask.  You can also contact us here


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FAQ #1:   "A bowl I like is sold.  Can you make another?"
If you ask, I will do my best!  I only make one-of-a-kind bowls, and each bowl I shape is a response to that individual piece of wood, so I can’t make an identical bowl.  But I can often make a similar bowl, often from the same tree, which has many of the same characteristics of the bowl you are admiring.


FAQ#2:   “Do you take special commissions?”
Yes.  I always have a number of commissions on the go.  Weddings and anniversaries make up the majority, but I’ve done everything from tiny bowls that had to come from a certain island, to a graduated set of 10 soup bowls.  Most of my commission are for large bowls, and must warn that larger bowls often have a longer lead time, because of drying times.

On the other hand, sometimes I have dry stock on hand, and in some cases, I’ve been able to complete special commissions in under a week.

If you have a special request, just let me know.


FAQ#3:   “I have a special tree that came down.  Can you make me a bowl or bowls from this tree?”

Absolutely.  These are some of my favorite projects, because the bowl has so much meaning for my customer.  What I usually do is visit my customer on-site, and after a conversation, I select what I think will be the most interesting part of the tree to harvest for bowl stock.

Turn around time for a completed bowl is a minimum of three months from the time I begin, because of the long drying for the wood to go from outside moisture content to a stable moisture content.

I generally turn more bowls than my customer requests, because of the possibility of cracking during the drying process, and because I want you to have the bowl or bowls you are most happy with.  I sell the other bowls to the public with no commitment to you.

If you are not in Sitka area, there is always the possibility of shipping a piece of a wood here, though I have to warn you in advance that shipping to Sitka is often a little expensive.

As for extra charges on special commissions, it just depends.  If I end up with some extra wood to compensate my extra time, there’s a good chance there will be no extra charge beyond what I would normally charge for the bowls.


FAQ#4:   “I have a tree in my yard that fell over/was removed by an arborist.  Do you want it?”

First, thank you for thinking of me.  The answer is maybe.  It depends on what species, size, if the tree is mostly sound, and how the tree grew.  Tree species I’m always on the look-out for: mountain ash, large alder, fruit trees, and other interesting exotics.

Ideally I would get to a tree before it has been bucked into firewood, because I cut for bowls based upon what I see on the outside of the tree…not just a tape measure as we mostly do for firewood.

Also, I probably won’t want all the tree, so you’ll still have a lot of firewood—which I might be happy to help you with in trade for the bowl stock.

I usually give a complimentary bowl to those who give me a significant amount of bowl wood.


FAQ#5:    “Where you get the wood for your bowls?”

As my arborist friend Jay would say, “It grew in a tree!”

I salvage all of my wood.  Much of my bowl stock comes from the Tongass National Forest through a special use permit to salvage dead & down ancient alder.  I also have taken a lot of wood off of private islands where trees fell over in storms or were cut to near homes.

In the case of mountain ash, all of my bowls have come from historic downtown Sitka homes, including one tree that was given to me by the granddaughter of the man who planted the tree.

I have never cut a living tree down for bowl stock, or in the fifteen years we’ve been heating our home exclusively with wood.  The simple answer why: I don’t need to cut living trees. 

I like that the forest makes the first decision on what becomes a bowl, not me.


FAQ#6:   " Will you make me a set of bowls?"

Again the answer is maybe.  Partly because I am very selective about what wood I salvage (and partly because I have a short attention span) I only turn one-of-a-kind bowls.  Every bowl for me is a discovery.  I shape a bowl in response to the story that a tree shows me in each unique piece of wood.

So I don’t make matched sets of identically shaped bowls.  It’s just not me.

I do make sets upon request, they just aren’t all the same.  One set of bowls came from the same tree, and another was two different species, by request.

If you have a concept, let me know.  I enjoy the challenge.


FAQ#6:   “Can I customize the bottom of my bowl with a special message.”

My wife signs the bottom of every bowl with a fancy woodburner and micropoint tip.  We’re happy to write whatever you like, provided it isn’t too long.  Please take a look at our page on custom inscription. (LINKLLINKLINK)




Properly taken care of, a wood bowl should last for generations.  I’ve never had a bowl returned, but know this: I stand behind my bowls.  If there is a problem with your bowl and it was taken care of properly, I will either repair or most likely replace your bowl with a bowl of similar value.

Please see below for proper care instructions.  I can’t guarantee a bowl that was put away wet and which molded (like my ten year once did before we went on a two week vacation.)  Dropped bowls, stolen bowls, etc. can also not be guaranteed!

If you have a question about your bowl, please ask.  If there is a problem, I might ask you to send it to me postpaid for a free evaluation.


I want you to be happy with your bowl.  I’m privileged to regularly have customers tell me they are thrilled with their bowls.  If you aren’t, please contact me and return the bowl before you use it.  No one ever has, but I am fine with you being the first.  As I said, I want you to be happy.

I have to put a few conditions on possible returns:

 Please contact me to return the bowl within one week of receipt.

 The bowl should in NEW condition, meaning you didn’t use it!

 I ask that your cover return postage.  I recommend shipping the bowl insured for the full value.

 If your bowl has been personalized, I can’t accept a return.  (Unless you can find someone with the same name who wants to buy it!)

As I said before, please don’t return a bowl without first contacting me.