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~~SOLD--Crazy Little Hemlock Bowl

Western Hemlock
Handmade, one-of-a-kind
excellent for a small display piece or possible jewelry bowl
finished w/ food-grade walnut oil
made by Zach LaPerriere
Sitka, Alaska 2017
bowl measures 4 3/4" X 1"

Every once in a while I find a piece of wood that just defies what we expect to ever see inside of a tree.

And even after this bowl was off the lathe it still held a surprise.  I cleaned the bark from out of a natural void and there is a small branch in the void.  The chances of this are just out of this world.

This is a beautiful little piece with unmatch crazy grain patterns.  There is simply no understanding what's up down or otherwise in the tree.

I would guess this will mostly be a display piece but my customers tell me that these sorts of little bowls can still be used for jewelry and small items


Story:The tree this bowl came from blew over near my house and fell into the ocean.  I salvage the tree and most went to firewood but some rounds clearly had amazing grain.

I felt a bit funny with two piles...one for firewood and one for bowls stock.  As I cut near the base of the tree the bowl stock pile kept growing and the firewood pile didn't get much else!