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~~SOLD--Stunning Hemlock Bowl

Western Hemlock
Handmade, one-of-a-kind
excellent for a fruit or small item bowl
finished w/ food-grade walnut oil
made by Zach LaPerriere
Sitka, Alaska 2017
bowl measures 9 1/2 X 2 1/4"

Sometimes a piece of firewood speaks to me...and I probably couldn't sleep for a week if I didn't save it for bowl stock.

The occasional hemlock builds dark layers along the growth rings.  I suspect it's related to stress, possibly from windstorms, but I honestly don't know why.

I just know it's pretty!  I had fun in shaping this bowl.  If you look on the interior you'll see where I removed material until the center growth rings were barely touching.  I like how this connects the two sides of the bowl.

This is a great medium sized bowl for a fruit bowl or it's just small enough to still hold a well-shown amount of jewelry.


Story:The tree this bowl came from blew over near my house and fell into the ocean.  I salvaged the tree and most went to firewood but some rounds clearly had amazing grain.

I felt a bit funny with two piles...one for firewood and one for bowls stock.  As I cut near the base of the tree the bowl stock pile kept growing and the firewood pile didn't get much else!