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~~SOLD--Triple Live-Edges Void Bowl

Western Hemlock Stump
Handmade, one-of-a-kind
excellent for a fruit, or as end table of mantel piece
finished w/ food-grade walnut oil
made by Zach LaPerriere
Sitka, Alaska 2017
bowl measures 9 3/4 X 4 1/4"


There are three live edges on this bowl because the bowl is actually wider than narrowest part of the small stump that grew it.

In addition to the amazing grain you see in the pictures, there are hints of purple and even a narrow band of golden yellow.  The bark edge in the rim has a sliver of light you can see through.

This bowl represents a lot of work.  I sharpened my gouges at least 20 times in the making of this bowl and sanded for hours.

The crazy thing is that I almost didn't make this stump into a bowl.  Here's the story.

A good friend lives on an island and told me he was removing a few small hemlock trees.  I loaded my skiff with tools and went over to help.  Because my buddy wanted to expand his garden, we pulled the stumps by hand with one of my Griphoists—which is a bit like a huge come-a-long winch.

After the stumps were removed, my friend suggested a celebratory beer.  I figured we earned it, so over a beer he asked me what kind of bowl I thought the stumps would make.  I looked at the stump that became this bowl and saw where the roots forked at 90 degrees to each other.  I figured that if I used the whole stump that joint where the roots forked would become a void.

Here's the bowl after waiting a year of drying and then finishing recently.  It was fun to have my friend over last week when he boated over to borrow more tools to pull a couple more stumps to expand his garden shed.  I pulled out this bowl and showed him.  It's always amazing to see the beauty that normally lies hidden in trees.

It's such a privilege for me to be able to reveal that beauty.

This bowl could make a perfect salad bowl—just don't fill it with loose grapes!  :)

The bowl will also be a bright spot for an end table or mantel piece.  More and more I hear from my customers that exceptional bowls are just too beautiful to put anything in.  Rest assured that this bowl is fine for holding most smaller items, but that's a choice for the new owner.