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Mother's Day Shop Update and Bowl Give-Away

by Zach LaPerriere May 02, 2017 0 Comments

Thanks for being among the first to check out my newest collection of bowls.

This is a diverse collection of bowls...I tried to put a little of everything in here—different wood species, shapes, potential uses—and, in particular, I thought about mothers.  Specifically, what a mother might like.

Here's a Sitka Alder bowl from the collection.  Can you believe how incredible the grain is?  Holy smokes, this is the kind of stuff that gets a guy like me excited about the beauty of trees!  

You can see the rest of the collection by clicking here.

Sitka alder

Now Here's Some Gift-Giving Intel...

About 3/4 of my customers are women, so over the years I've learned all sorts of things bowls are used for that I never would have thought of myself.  

Here's a list of some of the more obvious and unusual things my customers use bowls for:

  • Salads and fruit
  • rings, earrings, bracelets, jewelry
  • displaying tea packages
  • cookies, muffins, biscuits
  • yarn and knitting supplies
  • nuts
  • snacks and candy
  • soup--these I make custom only
  • keys, pocket change, wallets
  • SD cards, computer cords
  • small spice jars
  • camera lens and parts
  • even doggy treats!

If you're a guy like me reading this and not sure what your mother or wife might like, I can tell you that the one thing I never would have guessed is how much satisfaction my wife gets when displaying cookies, biscuits, and muffins in a shallow bowl or plate.  I have to agree, it really spruces up a table.

Take a look around the website, and let me know if you like what you see or have any questions.


And Now... The Bowl Give-Away!!

So here's the cute little cottonwood bowl I'm giving away.

There's been a big jump in my newsletter subscribers, so I thought just for fun...what if I announce the winner here...so only my most dedicated newsletter readers will have the chance to receive this bowl?

And that's what I did.  I drew a random newsletter subscriber using Random.org to select one lucky winner.

If this is your email, then you are the winner!

bso***os@aol.com  (stars are to keep things private)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the above looks like your email, here's what you need to do to claim the bowl.   Send me an email from my contact page within 24 hours.  

If I don't hear from the owner of that email by 12:00 PM Eastern (8 AM Alaskan) on Thurs., May 5, I'll send out a new email, and we'll try again.  

So even if you didn't win this bowl today, there's still a reasonable chance you might tomorrow.  :)

Thank You.

I really appreciate you being here and I appreciate the opportunity to shine a light on the amazing woods of Alaska's Tongass National Forest.

Here's wishing you and yours a wonderful Mother's Day.



Zach LaPerriere
Zach LaPerriere

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